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Voronoi pattern

Voronoi Illustrator script

Beautiful and complex

A Voronoi diagram in mathematics divides a plane into areas near each of a specified number of objects.

It’s simply a diagram that shows what parts of a map are the closest to some set of points of said map. For instance here we have a voronoi diagram of Europe where each region belongs to the capital closest to said point.

The voronoi diagrams have various applications to a lot of fields where you might want to split a set into sections. They were for instanced used by one Dr. John Snow (No relation to the Game of Thrones character). He used them to map cholera outbreaks to water fountains in the Broad Street cholera outbreak of 1854 to prove that the majority of people affected by the outbreak lived closest to an infected water pump: proving that the virus spreads trough water.

This script takes selected points in Illustrator and draws voronoi pattern using them. Make sure you are using big enough artboard!